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Update or risk being hacked

Updating your website regularly is core to minimising your website exposure to hackers. Hackers can range from nuisance vandals, or increasingly, criminals using the internet to ransom and undermine businesses online presence.

These guys use hacking software to find websites they can break into by detecting the presence of ‘exploits’ or software defects. These secret back doors enable them to stealthily compromise your website.

As Website updates often contain fixes for exploits, applying them to your website will lessen the likelihood the hacker will be able to break into your website.

What do we do?

Website Concierge uses tools to continuously monitor your website’s software versions, then alert us when there are updates available, as they come available. We can then update that software in a timely fashion. These days, checking for and updating software on a routine basis is simply not adequate to sufficiently protect business websites. A proactive update strategy such as ours is necessary to more adequately manage the risk of your website being compromised. The days of a routine update each month will leave your site far too exposed to hackers.

Website Care Packages

As every business’ needs are different, so we offer a range of website management services packages. Select the package below that offers the services that your business needs. You can upscale your services as you require each month. Read more here

5 Common Website Maintenance Issues Small Business Owners Face

Website maintenance for small business owners is an important but often overlooked aspect of running a successful business. Website maintenance ensures that your website is functioning properly, is secure, and looks great to your customers. Unfortunately, many small business owners are unaware of the common website maintenance issues they may be facing. In this blog post, we’ll look at five of the most common website maintenance issues that small business owners face, and how to address...

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Website Maintenance Checklist for Small Businesses

Having a website is a vital component of modern business. However, simply having a site isn’t enough – maintaining it properly ensures it continues to serve your business effectively. For small businesses, consistent website maintenance can be the difference between fostering a thriving online presence and getting lost in the vast digital ocean. Here's a website maintenance checklist for small businesses to keep their online platforms running smoothly. Of course, if you'd like a professional...

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Should you DIY Your Website Maintenance Services?

Your website is like your Car. Maintain it to reduce the risk of failure. Websites are like cars. If you invest in maintaining it, you'll likely avoid the expense and inconvenience of a major failure. Website Management Services keeps your website in top shape to ensure it continues to attract prospects for your business. Small Business operators are busy people. I should know; I'm a small business owner too. One of the key principles small business operators need to manage in our day to day...

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Ninja Forms suffers another two vulnerabilities

Ninja forms has sufferred the indignity of another two vulnerabilities reported by  the WordFence Threat Intelligence team Ninja forms was under the spotlight in February this year with a vulnerability that was also reported by WordFence Threat Intelligence teamNinja Forms is one of the most popular form building plugins for WordPress websites. One feature the plugin offers is the ability to export all of a site’s form submissions for reviewing and analyzing submission data. Unfortunately,...

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iThemes Vulnerability Report June 2021

The good people over at iTheme have an updated Vulnerability Report for June 2021, and its well worth look.     Plugin: The Plus Addons for ElementorVulnerability: Reflected Cross-Site ScriptingPatched in Version: 4.1.12Severity: Medium Plugin: The Plus Addons for ElementorVulnerability: Open RedirectPatched in Version: 4.1.10Severity: Medium Plugin: The Plus Addons for ElementorVulnerability: Arbitrary Reset Pwd Email SendingPatched in Version: 4.1.11Severity: HighPlugin: Yes/No...

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Why don’t I get leads from my website?

You’ve spent a lot of money, time and effort to get a website up and running for your business, so why aren't leads flying in through the door from it?Let's do some quick tests Unfortunately, there’s a host of reasons why your website may not be generating sales leads, so lets look at a few simple steps to identify possible reasons and even some ideas on how you could get your website on a path to generating some sales leads for you. Does Google know about your site? Google has to be...

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PHP Exploit foiled before 80% of websites impacted

We just got close to a major hack-fest that would have impacted 80+% of web sites worldwide. Don't believe me? Read on.The WordFence team have just posted this article on how an embedded exploit nearly went live in PHP. As PHP is used in some 80% of all websites globally, chances are you would have been impacted. Fortunately, this hack was intercepted and removed. Exploit Details The exploit would have been buried inside PHP and allow: Remote Code Execution makes it possible to issue commands...

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Vulnerabilities in Elementor Impact Over 7 Million Sites

This recent vulnerability uncovered in the Elementor content editing plugin was reported via the Wordfence Vulnerabilities RSS feed in our sidebar warrants some comments. Here is WordFence's detailed account Scale of exposure Elementor is an excellent block editor. It makes it easy to add and edit content inside of WordPress. People in the WordPress community have illustrated how good Elementor is, by electing to install it on 7 Million websites. Actually, on the Elementor website, they claim...

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Infected websites can compromise visitor devices

Normally when we're talking about your website being hacked, we'd expect it to be defaced, or taken off-line, but here's another impact from your website becoming infected by hackers.  An exploit loaded into your website, which then infects all Visitors devices. In one way this is probably more of a concern for your business, as your website is responsible for spreading infections to all of your visitors. Depending on when and how visitor devices are infected, they aren't going to stick around...

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Updated Australian Domain Licencing Rules

New .au domain licencing rules Starting 12 April 2021, .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) will be implementing a new set of rules for eligibility for Australian domain names. What is a 'domain'? A 'domain' the label you type into a browser to reach a website. For example, this website's domain is peterc70.sg-host.comWhen you enter this into your browser, the internet finds where the website is on the internet, ie your 'web host', then loads and displays that website. A domain is a much...

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When Contact form 7 goes pear-shaped

Wow! My beloved Contact Form 7  just put me through the wringer, so take note so you don't have to go all through this. A Client's WordPress website that hasn't missed a beat for years (literally years!) started generating "Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method." errors. This is one of those innocuous error messages you simply don't want to have to tackle. I checked a range of common causes I've tripped over previously in similar...

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LCP – Yet another SEO task from the ‘Page Experience’ Update

A sluggish Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) will dent your SEO performance Just when you thought you knew everything you needed to tweak for optimal SEO, Google announces the Page Experience Update which drops a new range of SEO related page performance criteria on us (Core web Vitals) and will come into play starting mid June 2021. Essentially, those who've been in denial about the impact of page performance on SEO can't ignore it any longer. Speed matters. But notably, speed as defined by...

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Nextgen Gallery Vulnerabilities Discovered

Exploit Overview  The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team have announced the discovery of severe vulnerabilities in NextGen Gallery, a gallery plugin used by over 800,000 WordPress sites.   If your site(s) use this plugin ensure you immediately update to the latest version (currently 3.5.0)  If you would like to delve into the detail visit the Wordfence postTimeline December 14, 2020 – The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team finishes researching vulnerabilities in NextGen Gallery. We deploy...

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What Happens if Google Leaves Australia?

What happens if Google leaves Australia?As if COVID-19 wasn't bad enough!!! Not only do we need to pivot our businesses through the commercial famine and feast brought on by COVID-19, but now we need to deal with the real possibility of Google extricating itself from Australia. As my business is intrinsically linked to the internet, and in a large part with Google, it's with quite some trepidation I hear Google making threats to remove itself from Australia.  This has been the latest...

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How to remove toxic backlinks

What are backlinks? Backlinks are connections from other websites in the internet, ‘linking’ to a page in your website. Google’s very early algorithms calculated your website’s SEO performance in terms of the number and quality of backlinks it had.What are toxic backlinks? Google’s very early algorithms calculated your website’s SEO performance in terms of the number and quality of backlinks it had. Back then the SEO industry exploded into creating synthesised backlinks to improve Google...

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