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Trying to coax people to join your newsletter can be tough. Folks are often reluctant to signup to a newsletter list just in case the content is not relevant to them.

A great way to illustrate to people that your newsletters are relevant is to let them browse through your recent editions.
If they like what they see then they can signup to your newsletter confidently.

Fortunately, we can have MailChimp display recent newsletters on your website with this simple ‘hack’.

 1. Login into MailChimp

2. Get the campaign link
     Click on the View Report button adjacent to your most recent newsletter

3. Click the ‘Past Issues’ button

4. Copy the URL from your browser’s Past Issues link and add this to your website:

So people considering signing up for your newsletter can easily see its history, and then join directly using the Join our mailing list button 

Peter Cornish
Peter Cornish

An online marketer with deep experience in Sales & Marketing as well as technical skills accumulated over the many years of working in this industry. He has been knee-deep in websites and online marketing since the mid 80’s.
Peter is a lateral thinker who sees solutions where many don’t.

Website Concierge is a reincarnate of Succinct Ideas, providing quality website support and online marketing for small businesses.

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