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Online Reviews are gold. When we’re online and trying to make a decision to connect with a business, reviews help us make that decision.  Google shows those reviews as a 5 star scale.

While there may be some conjecture about the legitimacy of ratings and reviews, Google does strive to make them real. There is little doubt that reviews do contribute to new business.

Google Review

What’s so hard about getting Google Reviews?

Assuming that your business delivers quality service, and that service warrants a review, why don’t more clients jump on and add them for you? Well, because it is a convoluted process to add a review. Jump ahead if you’d rather just find out how to fast track your Google Reviews:

The normal/difficult way to get a Google Review

Let’s see what a reviewer needs to do to leave a review:

1. Log into their Google Account

For people who don’t spend their lives online, a Google Account is just a mystery.
Its also a pain to try to create Google ID for the uninitiated. 

If your client doesn’t have a Google ID it can be a really tedious process to create one. Bear in mind that your prospective reviewers may not be computer-savvy so it can be even more of a problem for them.

The issue is if they don’t have a Google ID then you don’t have a review.

Even if they already have a Google account, remembering and recovering the password can also be problematic and a further obstical to you getting that precious review.

What is a Google Account?

Basically, a Google ID is an email with a related password. Google uses them to secure access to their various systems, and in this case, its a mechanism they use the verify that you are a real person.

So if your clients don’t have a Google ID they can create one following this instruction: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/1722060

Recovering Your Google Account’s password

 Oops. You have a Google ID but don’t have a password ? You can reset the password from the login screen. Typcially Google will send you an email link. Click that to start the password recovery process.

2. Find Where to Add the Google Review

For a non-computer savvy person, just finding where to lodge the review can be challenging.  They would need to enter a Google search that triggers the display of your business information in the Google Knowledge Panel. Once this is displayed, they will need to click on the Write a Review button to start the process.

3. Add Your Review

Not as onerous as the previous steps in this process, adding a review involves:

  • Select a star rating from 1 to 5

    Please use 5 stars if you were happy with the service provided
    Even if you select 4 stars, the total rating will be slightly compromised

  • Write a review message

    It’s not mandatory, but really important. Often people pay more attention to what reviewers have said than the actual rating so. Acknowledge excellent service, timeliness and satisfaction.

  • Add an image
    Optionally you can add a related photo to the review.

Here’s our Fast-Track Method for Capturing Google Reviews

If you want to increase the likelihood of getting a review, then we need to make it easy for the reviewer. Here’s how:

We are going to provide a link &/or a QR Code so the reviewer is guided directly to the related page

A Review Link
Sourcing Google Review Link

Generating a QR Code


How to Use your Fast-Tracked Google Review

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