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House Boat Project now Afloat

When Angela & Grant took on the Indiana Houseboat project they knew exactly what they were doing from their previous ownership of Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

They restored their newly purchased houseboat to an immaculate floating accommodation option that would please even the most fastidious BNB’er.

Angela resourcefully fashioned a website using Wix, then contacted the Website Concierge to activate its Google performance.    

We’ve worked with Angela and Grant to maximise the website’s ‘Googleism’, and within a week, we were surprised to see a couple of initial bookings appear.

Angela and I collaborated to create an initial blog post, and we’ll see if this helps attract some more bookings.    

DataStudio Reporting reveals what was happening, and (importantly) not happening inside the website so we could navigate appropriately to keep the web site’s performance on course.    

Indiana Houseboat owners Angela & Grant

Houseboat hire murray bridge

Sunset from the Indiana Houseboat’s rear deck

We first heard of Peter after we helped a client generate a website for his business.

It was clear that a website alone would not lead to any new business and that the concierge services that Peter provides were key to a good result.

The enquiry level increased quickly and Peter’s work has become critical to that client’s ongoing success.

With Indiana Houseboat we were keen to obtain a similar result and we have not been disappointed.

Navigating the website and business development processes is complicated and Peter demystifies the steps required and we are very pleased with the initial results.