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TCK Website Re-engineered to improve its Google performance and stability

Graeme Rowland’s business TCK manufactures and supplies superior quality trailer coupling equipment that is used throughout Australian, New Zealand and South America.

TCK equipment replaces and outperforms the original OEM equipment with some clients claiming double the life of the original manufacturers equipment.

Designed by Graeme, the TCK  replacement parts are built with durability in mind.

TCK’s reputation for durability quickly established in the Australian transport industry where trucks routinely travel though some of the world’s most challenging environments.

TCK replacement coupling kits are used widely throughout Australia, New Zealand and more recently in South America.

How we helped TCK improve their online presence

Website Concierge identified some key website functions were not operating as expected which was compromising the sales effectiveness of the TCK website.

  • Unfortunately geo-location software that enabled visitors to locate one of over 100 stockists across Australia, New Zealand and South America had stalled.
  • Further, aspects of the multi-lingual support for the site had been ceased to operate.

This was caused by redundant software, which we addressed by re-engineering the site, while maintaining the original look and feel.

Now fully operational, the website is starting to attract more Google searches and along with those, more sales prospects.

Website Performance Reporting

Graeme can readily see this in the graphics based DataStudio reports we built for him and deliver monthly via email, or viewed interactively.

A New Zeland report was also provided for Dave in the TCK NZ office.

Marketing Initiatives

We are now working with Graeme’s New Zealand sales team to implement sales initiatives into New Zealand backed by website content and online marketing strategy.

eMail Marketing as well

A MailChimp newsletter database was established to better manage and report email blast effectiveness.

Further, the TCK Product Manual, previously a simple download,  is now automatically dispatched on request from the website. This process captures interested people and adds them to our marketing database so they are accessible for email marketing initiatives.