Website Performance Reporting

Website Dashboard with easy-to-understand analysis and opportunity identification.

If you’re too busy running your small business to worry about what’s going on in your website, then our website reporting package is for you!

Simple graphics-based reporting with custom built business-aligned statistics, accessible anytime you want or delivered into your inbox monthly.

Data portrayed in easily understood formats, these reports give insights that you can transform into business opportunities.

Comparisons with the previous month make it easy to see how you are progressing.

Drill down into the online version to investigate anomalies, or use us to interpret the data to answer your questions. We often identify market opportunities to help our clients excel.

If there’s an aspect of your website you’d like to monitor closely, we’ll create a report customised just for you.

Got questions about the data? We’ll take you through your report step by step so you understand how it impacts your website’s sales performance.

Performance by outcomes.

The days of counting website ‘hits’ are long gone. Successful contemporary businesses feed on answers to pressing questions like how is our current marketing investment is performing.

    • Should we be shifting our media investment to optimise our spend?
    • What demographic are typically buying our products?
    • Did we get an outcome from our last EDM program?
    • How many leads did we get this month compared to last?
    • Where to people come from who try our demo?

Instant Performance Summary.

Rather than drowning in detailed stats. get a clear picture of the website’s overall outcomes-based performance.

conversion statistics

Where should we invest our marketing money?

See which online advertising channel or individual campaign is performing best, month on month. Is our SEO investment working for us?

Outcome-based (ie ‘Conversion’) performance reporting.

How many people visited ?

How many people visited this month day by day?
Did our EDM get some outcomes?

Performance summary.

How are we doing compared to last month ?

Are results improving or not ?

What device do Visitors use?

Lots of mobile users, so we should check how the
website looks on a mobile phone.

Are people arriving on their phones or computers?

How much did they spend?

Are sales up or down compared to last month?

Where are Visitors from?

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