Website Performance Reporting

Get on with your business. We’ll keep an eye on your website.

If you’re too busy running your small business to worry about what’s going on in your website, then our website reporting package is for you!

Simple graphics-based reporting with key statistics, delivered into your inbox monthly. In an easily understood format, the reports give you insights into important performance metrics including comparisons with the previous month.

You can also drill down into the online version to investigate anomalies, or as part of our service, contact us and we’ll interpret the data and give you an answer, and suggestions.

If there’s an aspect of website performance you’d like to monitor closely, we’ll create a customised report just for you.

Got questions about the data? We’ll take you through your report step by step so you understand what you are looking at and how it can impact your website’s sales performance.



See how many visitors your site gets

Comparisons with previous results for a quick overall indication of progress. 

Are people arriving on their phones or computers?

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