Don’t buy it. ‘Rent’ Your website.

Save your cashflow for core business activities.

Don’t smash your business cash flow by paying upfront for your new website. Website Concierge’s Website Rental Program smooths website establishment and support costs by spreading them into a monthly fee over 12 months.  That leaves more of your cash available for important core business activities, and still enjoy the benefits of a robust and attractive online presence.

‘Website as a Service’

We are all becoming used to the ‘as a service’ concept that the increasing use of the ‘the cloud’ is providing now. We used to buy a licence for productivity software, then upgrade when a new version is released. Now Adobe, Microsoft and many other software providers are using the ‘software as a service’ concept where their users pay a monthly fee and for that they have access to the latest version of the software. When a new version comes along they simply start using the new one.

Our ‘rent a website’ service provides similar purchasing model, but in our case, for the provision and maintenance of a website. The advantage to your business is there no large upfront fee for website design and creation, simply a monthly fee and a commitment for a minimum engagement of 12 months.

The Website Rental program includes our Extraordinary Website Care program: 

Extraordinary Website Care

  • Website Off-Site Backups
  • Hacker Protection
  • Managed Software Updates
  • Content Updates
  • Website traffic reporting


Get a free design refresh after 2 years

To make this approach even more tempting for you, we offer a design refresh after 2 years for no additional fee!

Growth path to a 5-page website

Enjoy a seamless transition from a one-page site, into a fully-featured 5+ page site, while preserving your brand and maintaining your Google performance.  Ideal for startups and small businesses initially establishing themselves online, then transitioning to a mature business online.

Refresh your site and switch

Alternatively, if your website is looking tired and is due for a design refresh, achieve this without a large upfront payment. Save your cash flow.


One Pager Website

Ideal for the startup business. Fast turnaround, giving you a key online website presence.

We’ll push your Google performance to give you early exposure online. One page websites are eligible for a design refresh every 2 years.

Additional pages may incur a small additional fee. 

Five Pager Website

Ideal for small businesses wanting to create a deeper online presence. The Five Pager website includes core pages that most website have. Five page websites are more likely to rank in Google searches.

5 Page sites are eligible for a design refresh every 2 years. 

Additional pages may incur an additional fee.

Five Pager + Marketing

This is the solution for businesses that need to let the world know about your business. We provide online marketing strategy and matching campaigns to aggressively drive your brand and business out to prospective clients.  Our performance reporting enables business owners to see website conversions, including month by month gains. 


Popular Pages

These are some of the more popular website pages used in a 5 page site:


The entry point for most websites. The Home page introduces visitors to your business and your products &/or services


About Us

This is usually the first page visited by a new user after arriving at your home. They want to find out more about you.


This page describes the products or services you provide. We don’t include eCommerce in our Website Rental program.


Contact Us

This is where visitors can submit an online enquiry, or ring you to start their sales journey with your business.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are an excellent way of presenting information about your products or services.

A free design refresh every 2 years

Clients receive a free website refresh after 2 years with our Website Rental Program.   That’s right. We’ll refresh your website’s design every 2 years for no additional costs!  Now that is value!

Sorry, but… 

 We don’t currently offer the following in our Website Rental Program: 

eCommerce Websites
eCommerce websites are not included in the Website Rental program but speak to us about a custom package that may suit your needs. 

If you want to find out more about our Website Rental Program, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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