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New .au domain licencing rules

Starting 12 April 2021, .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) will be implementing a new set of rules for eligibility for Australian domain names.

What is a ‘domain’?

A ‘domain’ the label you type into a browser to reach a website. For example, this website’s domain is peterc70.sg-host.com
When you enter this into your browser, the internet finds where the website is on the internet, ie your ‘web host’, then loads and displays that website. A domain is a much more human-friendly and memorable alternative to find a website compared to have to type in the Internet Protocol (IP) address which in this case is:  It also gets more complicated, but that’s a good start for now.

Domains also get involved in emails and other systems as well. For example my email is [email protected]. So when you send me an email the internet looks up where it can deliver my emails using the domain as a human-friendly label.

Who is auDA?

.au domain Registration Limited is a self-regulatory body responsible for the management of the .au domains. .au domains are those used in Australia. Created in 1999 and endorsed by the Australian Government and the worldwide authority for internet domains; Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) 

General Changes

We’ve noted some interesting changes below. For detailed and complete information refer to the auDA website here.

Responding to national security and enforcement bodies, acting in the public interest

auDA’s response to requests “from various enforcement bodies to take action on certain domain names. The new rules clarify how requests can be made, by who and the judgement we need to make before we act.” 

Changes to reserved names

auDA can reserve domain names that are essential for the administration of Government.

auDA can reserve names for future use as second-level domains 

Clarification on sub-domain activity

A person who holds a domain name licence is responsible for activity occurring on a sub-domain

Selling, renting or leasing sub-domains prohibited

Selling, renting or leasing sub-domains is now prohibited.

Using a trademark to meet the Australian ‘presence’ requirement

You need to have ‘a connection to Australia’ to register a .au domain. An option for internationals is to use a trademark registered in Australia. Now auDA insists the trademark must be the domain must be an exact match for the Trademark

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