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Website Maintenance Services

Keeping your website up-to-date, safe from hackers & attracting leads for your business. We can build online advertising for Google, Microsoft or LinkedIn  

Now you can concentrate on running your business, and get on with dealing with those extra leads.

We keep your website up to date

Software Updates

We monitor your website for software updates, and action these ASAP. This minimises your site’s exposure to hackers and ensures the website runs reliably and performs better.

Content Updates

We’ll make website edits you want ASAP, so all the info in your site is current and correct. 

We’ll turn your website into a sales machine

We provide a range of online services to help your website attract prospects and encourage them to engage with your business.

We make Google ‘like’ your website, so more clients will find you when searching.

We’ll build your website advertising campaigns to reach even more prospects.

We’ll provide easily understandable ‘sales reports’ so you can see month by month how your website is performing.

We’ll make your website zippy 

We provide the ‘web hosting’ for your website. This is the space on the internet where your website lives.

We use high-performance Cloud Servers to ensure your website runs as fast as it can possibly go.

A fast website is good for your Google ranking, but importantly also for engaging and retaining website visitors where they learn more about your business.

We’ll Keep the Nasties Out

We strive to keep hackers out of your website with world-class in-site firewall software.

This monitors visitor activity without compromising their privacy but will automatically block out anyone attempting any hacker-like activity.

We also keep your website software up-to-date to minimise any exploits that hackers use to mess with your website.

Now you have a highly available website that’s there for clients to discover your business online; read all about your business and its offerings; then seamlessly contact you to become a new client.

We’ll provide easy to understand Reports

Our monthly performance reports show how your website is performing in easy-to-understand graphs. These reports compare data with the previous period so you can easily see how your website is progressing.

Customised reporting can be readily provided setup to suit your requirements.


Website Maintenance Services

Our Website Care Services ensure your website is always
available so it can attract sales prospects for your business.

Web Hosting

High-performance High-reliability cloud website hosting 99.99% Uptime. Read more

Google Ads campaigns

We build & support your Google Ads campaigns. Read more.

HACKER protection

Internal firewalls to keep hackers out. Prompt updates to keep hackers out. Read more.


Website real-time & monthly performance reports. Read more


Weekly website backups in separate cloud space 

managed Updates

Managed WordPress, Plugins & Theme software updates.

Basic SEO

We monitor & respond to SEO related characteristics in your website. Read More


We establish baselines and report on website sales lead generation 

Content Updates

Need something changed? We’ll update your site within 24 business hours – usually quicker actually.


Here’s what clients who we have supported for years have to say about our WordPress support services.


Sensible Funerals have been using Peter Cornish to support our website since 2014.

As our website is key to attracting clients, it’s vital that our website Is kept online and hacker free.

Peter also manages our Google Ads campaigns as well as our GSuite Account.
We can always rely on prompt action for updates and requests.

Peter is like an external member of our team.

Shanti Russell

Sensible Funerals

Peter has provided online marketing, as well as support for our website since 2016

We review our requirements, then Peter develops online marketing initiates to achieve these objectives

He also manages our website software updates and provides SEO services that have kept us ranking in Google

Vanessa and Amanda

Adelaide Mobile Massage

We have used Peter to provide website updates for over 5 years now.

He has also shown me how to make simple website edits myself, but I use him for the more complex website stuff.

We meet from time to time to discuss online promotional ideas and strategies, then Peter makes them happen in our website.

Phil Doddridge

Adventure Kayaking SA

Peter has been brilliant in helping our business understand the methodology and strategies to better position our website presence.

We have seen our SEO soar through a combination of organic and paid initiatives that has resulted in our ongoing business success.

Great guy who makes an effort to understand your business and deliver real results.

Andy Carmody

Bruhn Limestone

Website Care Packages

As every business’ needs are different, so we offer a range of website support packages. Select the package that offers the services that your business needs. You can upscale your services as you require each month.  

Let’s talk.

If you need your website to be snappy fast, always available and to generate more sales leads for your business send some info about you and it we’ll quote  you:

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Website Review Offer

Website Review Offer

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